On a Mission

Our Mission

To address a broad range of emotional, spiritual, educational, vocational, in addition to other needs of Veterans.

What is Vet to Vet?

Vet to Vet is a program that utilizes recovering Veterans in a peer-educator capacity. We help Veterans understand and navigate the VA system. The program is a recovery-based model that involves Veterans as both consumers, as well as providers of mental health support services.

What is the Purpose?

Vet to Vet provides a way for recovering Veterans who have been through the same or similar experiences to share these with others. It strives to educate Veterans through peer to peer mutual support.

How did Vet to Vet come about?

The program is in keeping with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Action Agenda along with the Presidents’ New Freedom Commissions’ recommendations which in part calls for:

How is the program structured?

The program consists of weekly peer support group sessions that are led by trained facilitators. These Veterans lead the discussions and introduce educational topics. Although attended primarily by veterans who are currently receiving services from psycho-social rehabilitation programs, meetings are open to observation by staff, visitors and trainees.

How are peer facilitators trained?

Facilitators currently undergo an eight week training program. They complete an average of 32-40 hours of classroom training and ongoing supervision. Classroom instruction involves a review of textbook materials, class discussions, direct participation in behavioral exercises, formulation of action plans to affect life changes and subsequent in-class followup.  Upon successful completion Facilitators are certified.