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Southeastern Vet to Vet Peer Support, Inc.

Southeastern Vet to Vet Peer Support was organized in 2006 as a non-profit for the purpose of providing support and recovery programs to our veterans following the end of their military careers. The programs Vet to Vet provide assist our veterans with the mental, physical, and abusive behavioral patterns that have followed them into civilian life as a result of their military trauma-related events. The traumas endured during their military service have impeded their adjustment to healthy personal, family, community, and professional relationships.

Vet to Vet Peer Support incorporates five factors that make it unique. 1). We utilize the experiences of each veteran to include vet to vet’s motto; “Each one, Reach one” and Gladly Teach, Gladly Learn”. 2). The Vet to Vet program is an ongoing (perpetual) program geared to the veteran’s overall recovery needs and his/her time frame needed to obtain those needs. 3). Vet to Vet works with the veteran’s recovery needs by utilizing numerous proven concepts of recovery. 4). Vet to Vet provides an atmosphere of security, respect, and confidentially to allow veterans to express and work on their most pressing needs. 5). Vet to Vet discusses concepts from different interpretations (perspectives) within the sessions to look at and utilize what fits each particular veteran. Vet to Vet is unique because it is the supplier of the recovery information and concepts and also the consumer of the recovery model. Hence, Vet to Vet Peer Support.

Since our incorporation, we have provided veterans with information and guidance to improve their lives and to help veterans with their recovery. The anguish of combat, substance and physical abuse, along with their mental issues has deflected them from an appropriate adjustment back into society. Remember, Vet to Vet provides a safe, respectful, confidential, and well-thought-out environment… for our veterans to share, discuss, address their traumas, and express their thoughts without fear of reprisal or stereotyping.

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Southeastern Vet to Vet

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